Experience relaxation in Vietnam at The Angsana Hotel

Our private pool at the Angsana
Our private pool at the Angsana

If you are looking to spend a few days in Vietnam to relax and move at a slower pace, the Angsana Lang Co is a great resort to visit. The resort is situated on East Sea and surrounded by the lush green forests of the Truong Son mountain range at Laguna Lăng Cô. The Angsana Hotel is a beautiful, secluded, luxurious waterfront retreat located near the remote village of Lang Co. It shares the property with The Banyan Tree resort. While The Banyan Tree is catered more towards couples, Angsana is definitely a family resort. Because it is located outside of Vietnam’s main cities, the Angsana is great value price-wise for both a kid-friendly and luxury resort.

The Angsana is about an hour and a half drive from both Hoi An and an hour from Da Nang Airport. A private car came to pick us from our hotel in Hoi An. We were greeted with a smile, a cup of tea, wet towels to freshen up with, yummy treats, and a handmade bracelet for each.

The Resort


  • The Angsana's gorgeous grounds
    The Angsana's gorgeous grounds

We had booked the penthouse Skypool suite, but once we toured the room, we learned that it was a triplex with the pool on the top floor. Unfortunately, we did not think that arrangement would work for us because of our small kids. So we requested the Garden Pool Suite, and the hotel staff was more than accommodating. The garden room was fabulous with floor-to-ceiling windows, a view of our own private pool, and direct access to the enormous swimming pool on the premises.

Pool and Garden

Right outside our room, beyond the private pool, was a very well maintained garden and a lazy river that surrounded the resort. There were so many lanterns hanging on the garden grounds that make it look magical at night. The kids had so much fun playing and swimming, ordering drinks like milkshakes, and having lunch at the beachside restaurant.

Canal Boat Ride

  • The Angsana's canal ride
    The Angsana's canal ride

There is a man-made canal that entwined around both Angsana LC and its neighboring sister resort, The Banyan Tree. I would say that these canals rides are a special feature of this hotel. It’s a beautiful canal with a traditional stone bridge modeled after the one in Hoi An. The canal is decorated with paper lanterns, and when they’re lit up at night, it’s like something out of a fairy tale. The canal is the perfect place to do fun daytime activities like kayaking as well as more leisurely evening activities, like a romantic stroll. We loved the boat ride so much that we all did it multiple times throughout our stay.  Their traditional boat departs every hour from the set stop.


Lantern Making:

  • Lantern making at the Angsana
    Lantern making

The hotel offered a lantern making class, which my children very much enjoyed. It was a paid activity, but definitely worth the money. This activity was open to both children and adults, so we assisted our kids in the craft. My son made a beautiful green silk lantern, and my daughter made a gorgeous purple-blue one. They’re both still hanging in the kid’s bedroom as a reminder of our fabulous time in Vietnam.

Vegetable Carving:

  • Vegetable carving at the Angsana
    Vegetable carving at the Angsana

My mom, who was visiting Vietnam with us, loved this class. My kids enjoyed helping their grandma with the presentation while my mom did all the cutting. The result was beautiful (and edible) flowers and leaves.

Hot Chocolate & Tea:

The resort’s class on how to make Vietnamese hot chocolate was a huge hit with both kids and grown-ups. We are all kids at heart when it comes to chocolate! The class took place at the bar at The Banyan Tree. Listening carefully to our instructor, we all learned how to prepare traditional Vietnamese hot chocolate. It was delicious! My husband also attended another class on preparing ginger tea. It was one of the activities on the list we made sure to participate.  Now, whenever I’m sick, my husband knows just the cure!

Kids Club:  

  • Video games at Angsana's kids club
    Video games at Angsana's kids club

The kids club at the hotel was small but very well organized. Each day, many activities are offered including arts & crafts, cooking lessons, educational experiences, sports, and games. My kids learn to make adorable origami bunnies at the club. They also tried (and fell in love with) archery. The kids enjoyed playing video games as well — the kids club is equipped with an XBox. While we typically don’t like our children to be stuck on screens during our travels, the weather made it hard for us to do many outdoor activities. It was pouring most of our time at Angsana, unfortunately. Still, my twins had a ton of fun during our stay, mainly because of their great Kids Club program.


I enjoyed the spa treatment — money well spent. The body scrub they used was made right in front of me with fresh, indigenous ingredients. The service was excellent, and the staff made sure I was satisfied with the body scrub before proceeding with the treatment.


Large Buffet Breakfast:

There was an extensive buffet at the Market Place restaurant with a wide array of foods choices. My whole family enjoyed this buffet each morning.

Saffron Restaurant:

The Saffron is a signature restaurant located in The Banyan Tree resort. We made a reservation a day in advance. The restaurant is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean — definitely a romantic spot! Of course, it was raining and pouring, and the view wasn’t as good as we would’ve hoped. Still, we took a golf cart up to the restaurant and had a lovely Thai meal. The food was fantastic, and the service was impeccable. I would recommend this restaurant for a special occasion or date night. Luckily, my parents were able to look after the kids while my husband and I enjoyed this romantic meal.

The Rice Bowl:

  • The Rice Bowl's decor
    The Rice Bowl's decor

The Rice Bowl is an Asian restaurant in the Angsana resort. We ate at this restaurant twice during a trip. Why? Because the food was excellent and the ambiance wasn’t bad either! I still reminisce about the Singaporean chili crab we ate — it was delicious! Both my children and my parents really enjoyed this restaurant. In fact, I preferred it to the Saffron restaurant at The Banyan Tree.

Shuttle Service & Off-Site Activities


The resort offers complimentary shuttle buses to the nearby cities of Hue, Hoi An, and Da Nang. Plus, the shuttles also visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Hoi An’s old town and the historical ruins of My Son. These free shuttles run on a daily basis, should you feel like exploring outside the resort.

The Angsana experience

Ultimately, I would highly recommend visiting the Angsana resort should you travel to Vietnam — with or without kids! Between the affordability, the hospitable staff, the numerous on-site activities, and the optional off-site adventures, there is definitely something for everyone at this resort.

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